Blocked drains are a nuisance and can be a result of a number of things. Including food scraps, debris, grease, fat, hair and other foreign objects.


A blocked drain could also be from tree roots searching for moisture. During summer or dry spells this can be exacerbated as roots make their way into your pipes. This causes objects to catch and build-up causing blockages and needing attention.

Blockages are rarely fixed by over the counter drain chemicals. Which can add up if you are buying them on a regular basis. A professional plumber in Sydney can fix the problem long term and prevent any other damage from occurring.

Our high-pressure water hydro-jet equipment, CCTV camera and other tools / knowledge will clear your drains in no time.

Unblock your drain in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry – Contact 0423 22 33 22.


A & B Plumbing responded quickly and were very efficient. The quality of the workmanship was very good and I am happy with the result.


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