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Our gas fitting services range from installing, maintaining and repairing gas solutions in your home.

Including mains gas or LPG bottled gas. We are fully qualified and experienced with the latest technology and industry standards to ensure we maintain a safe environment for everyone.

What can block your drains?

Common causes for a blocked drain are tree roots, cracked pipes, collapsed or misaligned drains, sanitary napkins, excessive paper, food scraps, soaps, fats and grease. Drains can only flush so many big objects, and after a while, all those things will clog up and cause problems. As we know from all of our years in this business, this can be quite draining.

No matter where the clog is, bathroom, laundry or kitchen, you’ll want to ensure the problem is sorted as quickly as possible. This is especially the case in commercial spaces where places such as bathrooms are frequented more often. By offering a prompt and affordable service, we can offer a solution you can trust.

Do you need any of the following?

  1. A gas oven, stove or cook top installed
  2. Installation of a gas heater
  3. Gas hot water system serviced or installed
  4. Leak detection
  5. New pipe installation
  6. Extensions of gas mains
  7. A new gas meter
  8. A gas BBQ conversion or connection
  9. Safety inspections
  10. Gas line repairs to existing gas lines
If you have any gas fitting jobs please Contact us on 0423 22 33 22.

Why your pipes can burst?

A burst pipe can be caused by a variety of circumstances, such as digging and puncturing a hole in the pipe, frost (expanding to the point of bursting) or pipe corrosion just to name a few. Whatever the cause, we will not only patch your burst pipes up, but prevent this problem from happening again.

As soon as you detect a burst pipe you need to call us anytime 24 hours, 7 days to replace or repair it on 0423 22 33 22.

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