Blocked Toilets

Is your toilet leaking, blocked or does it need to be replaced?


Leaking toilets can cost you money and waste a lot of water. Most toilet repairs are simple, fast and inexpensive when completed by an experienced plumber. A & B Plumbing is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fix your toilet.

A & B Plumbing have the right tools and knowledge to deal with a blocked toilet. Fixing blockages fast and effectively when you choose us.

Are you thinking about installing a new toilet? Old single flush toilets use a lot of water every time you flush or you could just be looking to improve the appearance of your bathroom.

With fixed pricing and no hidden costs you don’t need to worry about it being expensive or time-consuming process. If you think your toilet is leaking contact our Sydney toilet experts on 0423 22 33 22.


A & B Plumbing responded quickly and were very efficient. The quality of the workmanship was very good and I am happy with the result.


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